Mexican Pot Roast

Here is a great recipe for beef that can be shredded and tucked into soft corn tortilla for quick soft tacos, or folded into flour tortillas for burritos or enchiladas. Easily assembled and cooked in your crock pot, you will be welcomed home at the

Italian Caviar

If you visited us over Zinfandel Festival, you probably enjoyed the many appetizers prepared for the weekend. Especially popular was the “Italian Caviar”,  fired-up version of Olive Tapenade. So many people requested the recipe that we decided to feature it as the May Wine Club

Classic Red Sauce with Meat

The wait is over – the new San Marcos Creek Vineyard Red Table Wine has arrived! Open up that bottle, pour yourself a nice big glass (save some for the sauce!), and get cookin’ in the kitchen. Here is our favorite recipe for old-fashioned spaghetti

New York Steaks with Espresso Pan Sauce

The sauce on these steaks might remind you of coffee-flavored Nips hard candies – without being sweet, it has rich, creamy coffee flavor. Combined with a meaty steak, it’s delightfully surprising and like the candies, there’s even a little crunch, thanks to crushed whole coffee

Big Beef Ribs with Syrah Sauce

Big Beef Ribs with Syrah Sauce If you’ve never had beef ribs, you are in for a treat. They’re big, like something Fred Flintstone would eat. Compared to pork ribs, the meat is less mild, with bold flavor and beefy richness. And in this recipe